Technology has played a role in the advancement of women

Women no more are lagging behind men in the country. Technology has played a role in the advancement of women. At the same time, the digital centers of the government have made a significant contribution.

The women speakers shared this information while participating in a program titled ‘Contribution of Technology in Empowering Adolescents and Young Women’ on Thursday.

Technology is one of the tools for women to come to light from the darkness. Women need to have ideas about technology-based education. Morphia Jahan, youth representative of the Innovation to Inclusion (IToI) project, took part in the program.

Women Entrepreneur Neela Chowdhury of Natore Digital Center said that women are benefiting from the digital centers set up in different parts of the country while speaking on the occasion.

In today’s society, men and women are not treated separately, but the differences still exist. Rasna Hasan, Head of Strategic Projects and Partnership of Grameenphone thinks that women will move forward if this difference is removed.

The program was hosted by Nitul, presenter of ABC Radio.

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