The Total Number Of Internet Users Is 11 Crore

Although the growth of internet subscribers in the country slowed down earlier this year but has turned around in a month.

From January to February, the number of Internet users in the country increased only by two thousand. Within a month, that is, from February to March, the number of Internet users has increased incredibly by 34 lakh 25 thousand.

This figure can be seen by analyzing the information provided by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission.

According to BTRC, the total number of internet users in the country is 11 crore 61 lakh 40 thousand which was 11 crore 27 lakh 15 thousand in February. The use of the Internet has spread in the country a total of 7.8 percent.

On the other hand, compared to February this year, the teledensity of the country has increased by 2.99 percent in March, ie in a span of one month, by 102.89 percent.

According to the BTRC, the total number of mobile SIM users in the country till March this year is 17 crore 46 lakh 30 thousand. Compared to the month of February, the number of mobile SIM users has increased by 12 lakh 73 thousand in March.

Of these, 8 crore 7 lakh 50 thousand of Grameenphone, 5 crore 19 lakh 40 thousand of Robi, 3 crore 62 lakh 50 thousand of Banglalink and 56 lakh 90 thousand of Teletalk.

In terms of mobile SIM subscriber growth, the growth rate of mobile SIM subscribers is lower in February-March as compared to January-February.

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