About 3 lakh people have called 333 for food aid

About 3 lakh people have called the National Helpline 333 for food aid after the government announced that it would provide food aid to those affected by the Corona epidemic.

Most of them have been left out of the selection process. It is learned that these calls came from April 25 to April 30.

According to the concerned, the information of the actual food aid candidates has been sent to the field administration and the food aid has been delivered door to door. It is learned that apart from relief assistance, various calls keep coming throughout the day. Many people call even for fun.

Many of them waste their time talking about various things. In this way, those who call the real problem or need, they have to wait a long time. The number of calls has increased, especially since the announcement of food aid.

The government imposed restrictions on public activities and movement from April 14 to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

In this situation, cash money was allocated for the distribution of humanitarian aid to the unemployed and distressed citizens. Besides, the Deputy Commissioners were directed to distribute rice, pulses, oil, salt and potatoes as food aid from the funds allocated and previously saved by the Disaster Management Department.

Md. Enamur Rahman, State Minister for Disaster Management and Relief said in a press conference last Sunday that if a middle class family is in a food crisis, and calls at 333, food will reach his house.

According to sources in the Emergency Response Center, after verifying the information received through the National Helpline 333, the local administration has delivered food aid to 2,056 families till Thursday.

The National Helpline 333 started its journey in 2016 to provide various public and private information services to the citizens. In the three years from 12th April 2016 to 17th April this year, about 3 crore phone calls have been received at 333 numbers.

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